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SINCE 2012

Since its creation, Maison B. Chouette has maintained fruitful long-term relationships with the vineyard and the winegrowers. It has continued to enrich its range of products by creating and designing new packaging with its suppliers.


Maison B. Chouette works mainly with wines from winegrowers who carry passion by working in their vineyards and give birth to unique wines, guaranteeing excellence and delicate know-how.

Image by Elisha Terada


We offer a wide range of exclusive wines, including a selection of tête de cuvée from authentic châteaux, a complete mid-range series with the best quality/price, as well as an offer of good quality entry-level wines.


It has a selection of wines from  the most beautiful French wine regions: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Roussillon, Côtes du Rhône, Champagne and Alsace.

With a wealth of experience in the target markets, we have a strong ability to offer  the service of tailor-made wine brands according to customer needs by implementing the specialties of our partners.


All wines are stored and transported by us in optimal condition.

Image by Thomas Schaefer
Image by Mika Baumeister
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